Complete primary translations for KobeJET Japanese navigation

Submitted by Kobe JET admin on Mon, 07/23/2018 - 15:26
Feature request
  • Translations - translations are always needed for both user interface and content. Normally, you can create or edit a translation by clicking the translation tab for an item.
    • User interface - updating, but for now at least menus can be accessed via the Tools menu
      • Tools (red gear) > Site > Menus
    • Content - translations are needed for lessons, songs, etc. Accessible to:
    • Site logo - if anyone with gimp/photoshop experience would like to create an alternate logo with the "Kobe" part in kanji, that would be fantastic.
    • For site items you can't figure out how to access to translate, please submit a ticket with:
      • A screenshot, circling or describing the item you would like to translate
      • The proper translation for that item for testing and so you don't have to do double-duty for the same item
        • I will look into that item type and figure out how to either allow access or create an easily translatable separate list of those item types you can translate, and then I will manually change them.