Kobe City Hall

神戸市役所 (こうべしやくしょ)

The location
of the School Education Division, your contracting organization. Former…

Baan Thai

The tastiest Thai food in Kobe! Straight up yo.

Adjustable spiciness levels: 1-5. 3 will still wreck you bro…

Jam Jam (Jazz Cafe)

A chilled out cafe for the jazz lovers. Steady tunes of new wave and classic jazz on vinyl. 

Hosts a…

Ikkanrou butaman

Fantastic meat buns right next to/under the station - also have gyoza, etc.

Kobe Immigration Office

Important place for you to renew your visa and reentry permit. 

If you forget to bring a photo, there is a…

Meriken Park

Pleasant place to take a walk, enjoying a beautiful seaside view of Kobe. Also hosts several events throughout the…


One of two primary sites where Kobe JET (s) are allocated housing.



Venus Bridge

Scenic view of Kobe with easy access via a short hike.

Trick Art Museum

A fun, interactive building in the Kitano area that was built in the Meiji era. There are six optical illusions that…

Greenhouse SILVA (グリーンハウスシルバ)

Forest themed paradise in the middle of a concrete city.

Great food, drinks, and atmosphere!



THE store for anime/manga - an infamous aspect of Japanese pop culture. They sell manga (comics), CDs, DVDs,…


One of two primary sites where Kobe JET (s) are allocated housing.

Yakiniku Rokko Sannomiya 焼肉六甲三宮

A good place for yakiniku (meat that you grill yourself at your table) in Sannomiya. Has several courses of tabe/…

Mandrillus Curry

This is a nice and affordable curry place with a fun and personal atmosphere.

They have two locations,…

Akachaya Cafe

This is the spot if you're looking for affordable modern age sweets with a more refined Japanese flavor.



Umie is a popular shopping center where you can find department stores, food and sports goods.

Kobe Port Island Sports Center

A sport facility on Port Island that was built in commemoration of the Port Pia Exhibition in 1981, the Kobe Port…

Matsuda Eye Clinic (松田眼科クリニック)

Matsuda Eye Clinic

Specializing in contacts, eyeglasses, and medications.

English OK!



You can eat delicious sweets while looking at Buddhist statues (Motomachi location
only) and other delightful…

Momiichi Kitano Sakaten Relaxation massage

New location
for a great massage place - excellent massage, cheap prices with specials for about ‎¥3900 for…

Max Valu - Oike

Your essential 24 supermarket located close to Hanayama
. It's really big and has a much larger selection than…


Many fashionable restaurants with a gorgeous view. Connected to Umie
mall via sky bridge. 

List of…

SJ Kobe

An import store with a particularly wide range of snacks, candy, tea and alcohol from overseas. Also has cheese,…

Kobe Chuo Central Post Office

This is the big central post office in Kobe. It's convenient because it's one of the few post offices that are open…