Where's that Pikachu?!

Students try to find the locations of hidden Pokemon using directions/prepositions

The PokeBalls and PokemonGO Pokedex can be adapted to any directions lesson . I used the props for both 6th grade ES and 1st grade JHS. 


6th grade ES

The ALT and HRT pretend to be the "Pokemon GO GPS voice" and the "Pokemon trainer." The Trainer leaves the classroom (or just turns away and closes their eyes) while the GPS hides a Pokemon in one of the students' desks. When the GPS is ready, the Trainer can come back/open their eyes. 

  • Trainer: Where is the Pokemon? 
  • GPS: Go straight, turn right, go straight, turn left, STOP! 

When the Trainer goes to the correct desk, they reveal the Pokemon. Now have students be the GPS and Trainer! 


1st grade JHS

Version 1: Same set-up as above, but with different dialogue, and the GPS can hide the Pokemon in other places. 

  • Trainer: Where is the Pokemon? 
  • GPS: It's in Yuya's desk. / It's on the cabinet. /It's behind the curtain. (etc.) 

Version 2: More worksheet/pair practice-focused. Practices the materials in Words and Sounds 6 (New Crown p. 79) and reviews prepositions.

1. Review place names.

2. Students pair up A and B worksheets and try to complete the gaps. 

  • A: Where is the restaurant? 
  • B: It's next to/in front of the zoo. 
  • etc. 

3. Students decide on secret locations for their Pokemon, then ask about their partner's Pokemon. 

  • A: Where is your Pikachu? 
  • B: It's near the bookstore. 
  • etc. 

The worksheets included Japanese for the benefit of some of my super-struggle-bug students.

The Pokeballs come in sheets of A4, but I recommend enlarging them to B4 size. The Pokedex is good at A4 size or shrunk to B5. 

The ES version and JHS version 1 are great for ICPs!

Junior High
attached files, laminate sheets & laminator