"Where is the ~ ?" Memory Game

Students play a competitive variation of Memory using the phrase, "Where is the~"

This is a variation of memory that I made, which adds a fun but simple twist to the game and uses the key phrase, "Where is ~?"
It's played in pairs, though it could be easily altered to accomodate a group of 3 or 4, and it uses picture cards with the place names taught in Hi Friends 2 Lesson
4. In order to bring the total number of cards up to 15, I added a "cafe" and "arcade" card, though these can be omitted.


Students first spread out their cards face-down. I ususally told them to organize their cards into neat rows, but some students preferred to have more of a disorganzied jumble. It really doesn't matter either way. Pairs then play janken
to decide who goes first.

How to Play

This isn't too different from basic Memory. However, in this game, students take turns asking each other "Where is the ~?" and their partner has one chance to attempt to pick that card. For example, if their partner asks, "Where is the fire station?" they will flip over one card. If that card is the fire station, they take the card and receive one point. If it's not the fire station, they will turn the card back over and their turn is over. Usually, they will fail the first few rounds because they're making blind guesses, but as the game goes on, students can attempt to memorize the locations of the cards. It's also a little more fun than basic memory because it becomes a game for the other player to ask for difficult or not-yet revealed cards.

Usually, I tell the students that even if they find a card and get a point, their turn is over, but that's something you can change if you feel like it.

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Junior High