What sport do you like?

A follow-on lesson for students who have already learnt "Do you like ~" "Yes, I do. / No, I don't".


Introduce the sports vocabulary and grammar points by asking the HRT /students “What sport do you like?”

Practice the English pronunciation of each sport, paying close attention to those sports that are katakana words (basketball, soccer, dodge ball etc.)


Find Your Team Game

Once you have practiced the pronunciation of the sports in English and the question-answer dialogue, announce that the class will play the “Find your team” game.  In this game, students need to find their sports team mates by asking the question “What sport do you like?”

  1. Each student gets a small picture card of a sport, which they can’t show to their friends (there should be an equal number of cards for each sport e.g. 6 soccer cards, 6 baseball cards, 6 swimming cards and 6 table tennis cards for a class of 24 students)*.
  2.  Students then have to walk around the the classroom asking their friends “What sport do you like?”
  3. The student then replies “I like ~ (whatever sport is on their card).”
  4. If the sports are different, the first student says “OK. Goodbye”. If the sport is the same, the first student says “Me too!”
  5. These students then join together to find their other team mates until all 6 team mates (or however many you specified at the start) have been found.
  6. The first team to find all 6 members sits down and wins.

The "Find your team" game can also be used for other sets of vocabulary, such as "What food/colour/animal do you like?" * If there is an odd number of students in the class, you can throw in one or two 'lucky cards', where although they won't be able to find any team mates, they win a prize for getting the lucky card.

Lesson Topics
large sports picture cards and 6-8 small versions of each sport