Test Your Memory! (with "There is / There are")

Test students' memory with these 8 pictures using "There is / There are"

A fun and easy game to get students engaged and test their listening comprehension.

First the students will be separated into groups. Each group is given an answer sheet.

will show the class several pictures for only 10 seconds at a time. (There is a Power Point with the 8 pictures attached) After 10 seconds, the picture will be taken down, and students will be asked 3 questions about it before moving on the the next picture. Students will have to use their memory and English comprehension to answer the questions. They can answer by circling or crossing out the numbers on their answer sheets.

Here are the questions I used, but feel free to change them. All questions are phrased as True/False statements, but they can easily be changed to actual questions, such as "Is there a red boat?"

1. Island
There is a red boat. (x)
There are two people. (o)
There is a bird in the sky. (x)

2. Snoopy and Friends
There are 8 people (x)
There are 2 green shirts (x)
There is a red piano (o)

3. Toy shelf
There is a cat (x)
There is a boat (o)
There are two red hats (o)

4. Family
There are 2 t-shirts (o)
There is a necklace (x)
There are glasses (x)

5. Fruit basket
There is a pineapple (x)
There are green grapes (x)
There is a vegetable (x)

6. Poker night
There is food (x)
There are glasses (o)
There is a black dog (x)

7. Family 2
There are 8 people (o)
There are 2 yellow shirts (o)
There is a hat (x)

8. Animals
There is a bear (x)
There are mushrooms (o)
There are clouds in the sky (x)

At the end, I would ask students to pull out red pens to check their answers as I went back through the power point. Usually the best groups would get around 17 points out of 24.

Junior High