Sixth Grade Introductions

Review grammar points learned during the year in a self introduction


Spend one class completing a handout about the information students will include in their introduction.  Use grammar points they have learned the year before.  An example is:

  1. Hello, my name is (             ). 
  2. I like (     ). 
  3. I want to go to (       ). 
  4. I want to be a (        ). 
  5. Nice to meet you.


The First Class

  • Explain to the students they are going to do an introduction in English.
  • Pass out the handout and step by step fill in the information.
  • For each grammar point, review the vocabulary learned last year with flashcards.  Sometimes students will ask individually for vocabulary that has not been learned in class, for example, students wanted to know how to spell “salary man”or “kindergarten teacher.”
  • It will take about one period for the students to fill in their handouts and illustrate them.

The Second Class

  • Every student will go to the front of the class and give their introduction in English.
  • At the beginning of class, explain that they must speak in a loud voice and that they can glance down at their paper, but can`t read from it.  Model good and bad examples of this.
  • Set up several chairs so that students who are up next are ready to go right away.  This will keep the pace going.
  • After each student speaks, pick a student randomly and ask them a question about the introduction, for example “What does (      ) like?” or “Where does (         ) want to go?” to ensure students are listening closely to their classmates.