Pizza Shop

practice "Would you like~?" sentences

This is a simple guided conversation activity designed for lower level 3rd years at JHS, based on Let's Talk 4 from New Crown.

Give all students the handout and explain the instruction.
First they will mark down all the toppings they want. I just got my students to mark with an X but you can level it up by making them say how many 'pieces' of the toppings they want. I also told my class they must choose at least 3 toppings but that's up to you.
Then, in pairs they will follow the dialogue. A is the shop worker and must ask "would you like ~?" for all the different toppings. B will answer yes or no based on the toppings they selected at the beginning. Repeat after switching roles.
After both partners have been the shop worker, they can finish by drawing their partners pizza following what they ordered.

If you have extra time at the end some students can share what their partner ordered. (ex "Sarah would like a pepperoni, corn, shrimp, and cheese pizza")

Feel free to adjust to make it more difficult. My 3rd grade are quite low level and need a lot of repetition without too many changing variables to learn and use new phrases.


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