Meishi Mixup Game

To allow students to practice introducing themselves many times.


  1. Give every child a blank piece of paper.
  2. Students write their names (in Romaji for older students and hiragana for younger students) on the slips of paper.

Part I:

  1. Make pairs and introduce yourself, using "What's your name" plus any review English you'd like to stick in.
  2. After shaking hands, students must switch meishi cards.
  3. Make a new pair. This time, introduce yourself using the name on your meishi.
  4. Allow students to mingle and mix for a few minutes.
  5. Everyone sits down. Make sure no one has their own meishi.

Part II:

  1. Make a new pair.
  2. Introduce yourself, using the name on your meishi.
  3. If your partner has your meishi, you must ask, "Meishi, please." and change cards.
  4. When you receive your original card, sit down.
  5. If you do not have your partner's meishi, do not change, say, "Sorry, goodbye." and keep making new pairs until you find yours.
  6. The game ends when everyone is sitting down.
Lesson Topics
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