I Like Paper Planes

Have students interact and warm up at the beginning of a class.

This activity may be used as a general warm up/review of the ‘I like  ~ ‘ grammar point.

  1. Students each receive an A4/B5 sheet of paper.
  2. Without letting too many people see, they draw something they’re especially fond of.
  3. Having done this, students fold their paper into a paper plane. You may show an example for those who don’t have a favourite example of their own.
  4. Once everyone is ready, students launch their planes towards the centre of the room/teacher/easily identifiable target.
  5. Students pick up a random plane, open it up, and try to find its owner by surveying those around them: ‘Do you like dogs?’ etc.

You may also take the opportunity to introduce words such as ‘fold in half’, ‘turn over’ whilst making the plane. Even if these words don’t stick in students’ minds, it’s good that they hear them early and often.


Self-introduction–like activities like this are good to include in your own self-introduction class, as a way for you to meet a few students, as well as give students something to do that isn't just listening.

Feel free to have students use other suitable grammar, e.g. greetings/'My name is ~ ' before students ask about their partner's likes/dislikes.

Junior High
Paper for each student, students may use their own coloured pencils