I enjoy playing board games

To review the use of gerunds.
  1. Groups determine a playing order by janken  or dice rolls.
  2. The first person draws a card from the yellow stack (transitive verb) and one from the blue stack (gerund activity).
  3. From the two cards, the student forms a sentence in the format, “I (yellow) (blue).” The blue cards can vary (i.e., playing sports, playing tennis, playing soccer).
  4. If the group agrees that it is correct, the student rolls a die and moves his or her piece the corresponding number of spaces on the board.
  5. Their turn continues until they cannot form a correct sentence with the two cards.
  6. If someone lands on a face space (every 6 spaces), they may move one person back one space–only one! If this causes them to land on a face space, nothing happens.

The winner is the first team to finish.

The yellow and blue cards stacks will need to be shuffled constantly.

Moderator note: Files are no longer available. But the general idea is a basic board game with random faces and two decks of vocabulary cards to draw from. 

Junior High
Dice, board game sheet, game pieces, gerund cards and verb cards, 1 set of cards per group