"Have you been to..." Guess who!

To allow students the opportunity to review “have been” through speaking, listening and reading
  • Before playing the game, quickly review the grammar point.
  • Students move their desks to form six groups.
  • OTE and ALT demonstrate how to play.
  • The aim of the activity is for students to collect as many cards as possible. At the end of the activity, the OTE will announce which card is the lucky card. For example, for every card with snake highlighted, the card is worth five points whereas all other cards are worth one point. The group with the most points is the winner.
  • Students are given one card each to begin with.
  • Students are to stand up and walk around the classroom. They janken with a classmate to decide who asks the question.
  • The winner will ask “Have you been to the ocean?” and the other student will answer according to whether they have an X or O on their animal’s highlighted row.
  • The winner is permitted two questions before they must guess the identity of their partner.
  • If they can guess their identity correctly, they may keep their partner’s card.
Junior High
guess who cards