"Have you been to..." Battleships!

To review the grammar point "have lived/have been' through speaking and listening
  • OTE and ALT do a quick demonstration using gestures and the blackboard to show how to play.
  • Distribute a copy of the activity sheet to each student.
  • ALT quickly goes over the vocabulary in the grids.
  • Students have two chances of playing “Have you been to… battleships!”
  • Game 1: Students must draw five circles on the grid. The whole class will play against ALT. The first student to sink his/her battleships is the winner.
  • Game 2: Students play against a partner. Students must janken to determine who will start first. The winner gets to ask “Have you been to [place]?”. The loser answers with either “No, I haven’t been to [place] or “Yes, I have been to [place]” and crosses out their battleships.
  • Students who are able to sink most of their partner’s ships are the winner.
  • Students who won both games come up to the front to get stamps on their charts or whatever reward scheme you are using.
Junior High
battleship worksheet