Grammar Scavenger Hunt

Students review English vocabulary and practice their reading skills by competing in a scavenger hunt
  1. Before class, place flashcards around the room in unusual places.
  2. Split class into groups (at least two groups of 3-4 people).
  3. Give each group the first clue to one of the flashcards
  4. When the first clue has been given to each team, start the game. The teams read their clue and find their picture flashcard. They bring their flashcard to the teacher and read their clue.
  5. If it is correct, they get the next clue. If it is wrong, they go back.
  6. This continues until all teams have found all their flashcards (but this is up to your OTE . We made everyone finish, but we had only 16 clues per team in 50 mins).
  7. You can make more or fewer clues, depending on time and grammar.
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