ALT Family Feud

Use a variety of grammar to play family feud with the students

Break the students into teams
have them janken
to determine a team leader

Explain that when you show the question, the team leader can raise their hand and say "Here!" to answer
Their goal is to hit upon one of the top 6 responses to the survey
if they hit upon one of the top 6 you reveal it on the powerpoint, and they get the same number of points as number of people who gave that response
after they guess all or, or after they've spent enough time on the question, tell them the answers and move on
the student to the right of the first team leader stands up next, and the process is repeated

**one additional rule you might want to implement is having teams gain control when they hit upon a top 6 response, and only they can answer, until they get one wrong, at which point the game opens up to all teams again.

****make sure you print off the word document and bring it with you to class. The powerpoint has all the questions and answers, but the answers are hidden under boxes in such a way that you wont know what is under there. I don't think you'll be able to memorize all 6 answers to all 16 questions as well as their order, so don't forget that word file


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