(p.40) P3 - What do you have ~? What food do you like?

I have

1. Review the pictures of new words: teeth, tongue, hat, shoes (attached below!)

2. On the worksheet (also attached below), students must first fill out their 4 guesses. They pick a character from number one (Peach, Rosalina, or Daisy) and write it in number 1 in the box at the bottom. Same for numbers 2, 3, and 4. It`s best if they write in pen because they can cheat and erase their guesses otherwise!

Classmate Search

  • First, the students must already have been taught the key phrases, “Do you have…?” and “How many… do you have?” In this activity the students will practice using both the phrases together.
  • The ALT will pass out the worksheet and explain the activity. Using the conversation pattern on the worksheet, each student must find a classmate with a set amount of items/family members and get their signature. They must have exactly the same number to get a signature.

What (N) do you (V)? Interview

  • After each student has a worksheet, get them to fill in the blanks in the questions.
  • Check the answers with random students and rehearse the questions and possible answers.
  • Next, the students fill in their own answers.
  • The students work in pairs and change to another next to them when he/she is free.
  • When all 3 partners have been questioned the student then works out who is the most similar to them.
  • Get them to write down 6 answers that follow the explained pattern of being exactly the same or very similar.