(p.26) P2 - Tom has visited Nara once

~ has been ~ed

  • After giving a handout to each student read the story aloud and carefully explain the goal.
  • Make groups of 6 and have them assign the following roles to one another:  2 writers, 2 interviewers, 2 readers.
  • Interviewers go to different groups to get the clues.They memorise the read-out clue.
  • Readers read one clue each to the other interviewers.
  • Writers write down the newly memorised clue from their returning  interviewer.

"Haave you ~?" Battleships

Create a battleship style worksheet (two grids on a page, approx 6×6 each). Type the example sentence, “Have you seen ~ ?” or “Have you heard ~ ?” at the top of the page. Indicate that a O means, “Yes, I have” and an X means “No, I haven’t”. In each square type some things students may have seen or heard, for example, Tokyo tower or SMAP.