Off to a Flying Start!

To practice self introductions using “like”.

Start the class by writing several questions using “like” on the board. Give each student a piece of A4 paper and tell them to write their name and the answer to 3 or 4 questions. It may help to put some sample answers on the board.

When they are done, tell the students to fold their piece of paper into a paper plane. Faster students can also decorate their plane. Once everyone is ready, tell students to stand in a circle around the room. At the same time, all the students should throw their planes into the center of the room. All students then pick a random airplane from the ground and unfold it.

Choose one student to read a self-introduction to the class. When they are finished, the student who was introduced reads theirs and continue until everyone has read an introduction. 


This idea may not work well in classes with many unruly students.

A variation of this game is to tell students not to write their names on their self-introductions. When an introduction is read out, have students listen to the description and see if anyone can guess who is being introduced before moving on to the next person.